Saturday, January 30, 2016

i sing the body in motion

Last night I was in tree pose in the gym. I was about 30 minutes into my practice, all warmed up and in the zone. As I stood one on foot, arms stretched above me in prayer hands, I was struck by the pure physicality of the present moment. I hadn't been thinking for quite awhile, just breathing and moving. Then the stillness of this balancing pose brought an intense experience of feeling - physically feeling - all of me, like every piece of me was hovering, yet simultaneously rooted to the earth. 

After I finished practicing and was heading back upstairs to my apartment, muscle memories of movement in childhood washed over me:

running barefoot through long grass as a toddler in our backyard
swimming in Long Island Sound near my grandparents' house
walking across fallen tree trunks in our woods
turning cartwheels in the front lawn
riding my bike, up and down hills
playing kickball and tag with the neighborhood kids
jumping rope
sledding on the Flying Saucer down the hill by our driveway
swinging on the red wooden swing my father made
skating on the cow pond across the street
bouncing on the Hoppity Hop ball across the basement and back, again and again
practicing walking silently through the woods
sliding down a huge sand pile in my neighbor’s yard
dancing to 45 RPM records at my friends' house
skiing in the Helderberg Escarpment, and chicken-walking back up the hill
jumping off the rock wall my mother built between the front and back yards

In motion or stillness, awareness of my body is my connection to reality.