Saturday, December 5, 2015

winter weekends

For the three seasons of warm weather, we like to spend our weekends on Red Ranger. She'll be moving from Deltaville VA to Deale MD this spring, so we are looking forward to exploring our new cruising grounds. Today, however, it was 2 degrees C when we woke up, maybe not the best day to go sailing on an unheated boat (although it is sunny and the wind looks about perfect). While I'm well aware that the weather we get in NoVA doesn't really qualify as "winter" in the sense we are used to, but it's still chilly.

Since we've embraced a minimal lifestyle, we have the luxury of not having to spend our weekends churning through household chores or errands. For now, until I find a job, I'm able to clean, provision and cook on the weekdays. Those tasks don't require much time anyway, cleaning three tiny rooms goes pretty quickly.

So, how does one spend winter weekends? We do like to walk out to the coffee shop in the mornings to read and write for an hour or two. We also like to get exercise and fun at the rock gym. But that still leaves large stretches of loose time, since we're still getting acquainted to our new neighborhood and don't really know anyone. Last weekend we headed into the District to attend a climate march around the White House to show support for the Paris climate talks. I got to chat with a retired NOAA marine scientist and meet a few folks from the local Sierra Club. And we got to explore DC a bit more.

This weekend I'll be helping at the local library book sale. I went over yesterday to sort and stack books and meet some of the regular library volunteers. During the sale, they're even providing us lunch! I'm always up for bartering food for labor.

Wait, this could be a pattern. If I work this out, I can find a volunteer opportunity every weekend until the weather warms. It shouldn't be too hard. I'm already tapped in to a few activist organizations that I worked with in our former city. There are volunteer aggregate sites like VolunteerMatch and a local site that do all the searching for me. We have the Metro to get around.

Volunteering is a win-win. We get out, meet people, and support organizations that build up our communities. And the organizations, obviously, get to function and serve. Looking forward to hitting the search sites for next weekend's outing.