Wednesday, November 25, 2015

the itch to travel

While I know there are some of us who are perfectly content to live out our lives in one place and draw comfort from consistency, many people dream of traveling. We live in an age where traveling usually isn't too dangerous, too expensive, or too disruptive. We've seen the sights already in thousands of photographs, so we think we know what to expect. But until you actually close your front door, suitcase in hand, it's only dreaming.

Thirteen years ago, my mother-in-law and her sister made good on their dream of travel. They loaded up the van with clothes, a cooler, camping supplies (good intentions), books, Scotch, maps, and a cell phone (that was only turned on certain hours of the day) and embarked on a journey across the United States. They started from Schenectady NY and took the southern route across and up to Seattle WA and Victoria BC and back across the northern states.

I got the itch to read the journal my mother-in-law kept and share it. She also dictated a few adventures into a tape recorder. We got the tapes converted to a CD and she loaned me the CD, the photo albums and the notebook. Many hours of enjoyable typing later, here are their adventures.

My working title for the project comes from the introduction to several of the tape entries.