Saturday, July 4, 2015

parking, part two

We're visiting our old digs in Norfolk for Independence Day. Last year we watched the fireworks in the Elizabeth River from the cockpit of Red Ranger and it was spectacular, so we wanted to come again. It was great fun to be anchored in the river with hordes of other boats, cheering and partying on. Of course, thunderstorms are predicted, but I will prevent them with my intense yogic mental energy. Or not. 

Last night we did a short Granby crawl, starting at the Norfolk Tap Room where the bartender showed us pics of the Morgan 46 his friend just bought that day. On to the Vineyards to meet up with our (greatly missed, former) Tuesday Night Dinner crew. Such good times! 

As is my custom, I walked for an hour or so this morning up through Ghent (passed a wedding on the pedestrian bridge!) and back down Granby St. There was a super cool restaurant, Field Guide, that we visited a couple of times before we moved away (remember the time Waffletina set up there?!) that always had a huge bike pile outside the open garage door street bar. I remember thinking what a good place to remove the car parking space and put in a street bike rack. 

Parking and the acres of space allocated to parking is one of mypet peeves. I'm not a big fan of cars (although I have one now and acknowledge their incredible freedom and convenience) and I resent the presence of their parked carcasses in so much of our visual field. I followDonald ShoupPark(ing) Day and enjoy seeing pedestrian and biking communities take back some physical space from cars. 

Anyway, back to the bike rack. Low and behold, as I rounded the corner on Granby, this was my view. The bike rack I envisioned was there! Not only that, as I walked down towards Waterside (where the staff watches our dinghy, Scout, while we explore) there were 2 other reclaimed parking spaces. The downtown committee is doing a great job! Love to see this stuff! 

I'm wondering if some of this placemaking can migrate up to Richmond ahead of the big bike race this Fall. Hope so! Time to put some pressure on City Hall.