Sunday, June 28, 2015

train travel

I’m watching MA-RI-CT-NY-MD-VA speed by me in the window. (Well, we’re only in CT right now.) We were blessed to attend the wedding of a good friend last night, as parents of the best man. It was a wonderful celebration at the Boston Public Library.

As the airlines always point out, we have choices when we travel. The Richmond VA to Boston MA journey has a few options. We would love to have been able to sail Red Ranger up there, but that would have taken a week. Walking was right out. Not enough time off from the job to be able to do that. Similarly, riding the bike, Solo Wheel (there’s a guy in our neighborhood who has one of these) or other slow conveyances weren’t going to make it. That leaves the fossil fuel-powered transportation options. We don’t enjoy driving that distance. The plane is a pain in the butt. Ah, what about the train?

We live 2 blocks from RVM and our hotel was 3 blocks from BBY. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. The trip is slower than the plane, but Hubby was able to get a full day’s work in on our trip up on Friday and I had a nice relaxing day doing some audio transcription. Friday’s trip was somewhat behind schedule, so did take over 11 hours. Unlike airline travel, we could walk around, use the rest room without having unbuckle a seat belt and there was no pat-down before boarding.

I also just happened to read this good article that was in a collection of essays about public spaces. So, yeah, everything that she says. I’m not sure I’m enough of a fan to watch train travel on TV, but I’m loving this mode of land travel. Maybe it’s time to book some more trips!