Saturday, February 14, 2015

the chocolate holidays

Ah, chocolate! I go out of my way to avoid sugar most of the time. I don't eat much prepared food, where sugar hides in ketchup, salad dressings and pasta sauces. I don't bake anymore. I get my sweet tooth fix from fruit. But the chocolate holidays are a time to celebrate. I don't care much for the occasions. I just line up for a flimsy excuse to eat the beloved 70% dark chocolate (oh, and a bit of sugar).

Today seems to be one of those days, and while I scoff at the roses and jewelry that are so popular, I definitely use the day as an excuse to indulge in the purchase of some excellent local bars from Gearharts

And soon there will be jelly beans and marshmallow animals to avoid and MORE chocolate to look forward to...

Chocolate Holidays:
January - birthday
February - something to do with being in love with chocolate
March or April - celebration of rejuvenatation with chocolate 
Long stretch of nothing
October - day of total devotion to chocolate while avoiding scary creatures
November - a day to thank Mother Nature for the gift of chocolate
December - a day when we stuff chocolate in our socks. This does not slow the consumption in any way.

Happy Chocolate Holiday, everyone!