Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It's about that carbon footprint again, and convenience, and buying local and recycling (or not).

I bought a growler.

I live in a city and have no handy car. To buy good, local beer from a store, I have to walk .7 miles to a grocery store. That's not a long walk, but beer is a tad heavy. So, it's not very convenient to run and pick up a six pack.

I like to buy beer made locally. The grocery stores will often carry some, but the selection may be spotty.

My building does not have any facility for recycling. Seriously, none. To put a beer bottle into a recycling container, I have to leave my building, wait for the light to cross Main St. (a 3-lane busy street) and walk down that block to a stand-alone recycling container on the sidewalk. It's awkward.

I finally found a great solution. Across the street, one block up from the building I work in is a tap house.  They have lots of great local beers on tap and will fill your growler on Thursdays with a $5 discount. So, I bring my empty growler in my canvas bag to work with me on Thursdays, toddle across the street after work, have a nice chat with a bartender, and fill up my jug.

I get local beer, a delightful short walk, and a "reuse" instead of a "recycle". A total win-win-win!