Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

I was that person, in the 1980's, who gathered all the recycling from the neighbors on the block, stuffed my station wagon up to the tops of the windows and waited in the line at the recycling center to keep all our metal, glass and plastic out of the waste stream. When the city finally introduced curb-side recycling, I heaved a sigh of relief and thought I'd left all that behind me.  

I took recycling for granted all those years. It was easy to set out the bin every week. Then we sold the house and moved aboard SV Red Ranger. Most marinas don't bother to separate recyclables from regular trash, so I had to stockpile as much as I could until we found a place that would take them. Needless to say with the premium on storage space, I wasn't doing 100% on the job. I did find one city where I could sneak into the adjacent neighborhood on recycling pick-up day and add my pile to some homeowner's bin. With our recent move back to land, I was looking forward to the convenience of weekly recycling pick-up again.

Not so. Here in the downtown portion of Richmond VA, there is no recycling. Well, there is a small nod to recycling. There are a few solar-powered compactors placed on the sidewalks on a few select streets. They only take bottles and cans. I do bring my bottles and cans. I have to cross a 4-lane street to get to the box. I don't have a place to easily take my cardboard, plastic jugs of regular paper. I have to pile it up and load it in the car.... just like the 1980's. 

I'm also practicing my writing, so I thought to do some whining to the local paper.  They actually printed my letter.  Here it is, if you want to read my rant in its entirety. I guess there are other people who feel the lack of recycling in downtown, because the next day I was contacted by an organization working to change this and asking if I wanted to stop whining and start working on it.  

Cool.  Maybe a bunch of us together can get this done.

This cannot handle an entire apartment building's worth of recycling. Just sayin'.