Saturday, November 22, 2014

coffee shop tour

My phone claims it's -7 C out there. My bed is snugly warm, my husband snoring contently. I'm wide awake, enjoying the thought of a Saturday with no commitments and no plans except to write and finish a tiny quilt. What about breakfast? I have some delicious leftover homemade waffles in the fridge and my favorite tea. But the sun is coming up, the world is calling.

Time for walkies!! Now that we have tucked in Red Ranger for the winter (a new experience in itself), it's time to explore our new digs. I've done my research on foot and on Yelp and we are now embarking on our extensive coffee shop reconnaissance tour. Our ideal early Saturday is spent sampling pastries and hot drinks while writing (or in my case, sometimes reading) the morning away. The shared space of a coffee shop is one of the joys of life. People bustle in and out, some staying to chat and recharge their lives with friends, neighbors and total strangers. I love it! The smells and sounds of the baked goods and oven door banging and the steamer foaming are backdrops to the welcoming comfort of people, not like a quiet kitchen at home (even with yummy waffles).

When we were nomads, we often had a different coffee shop in a new town every week. Now we have to go deep, not broad, but going deep is fun, too. I am a prodigious bookmarker. I have a folder for Richmond with several sub folders of links to various establishments: local food vendors, farmers markets, bars, historic sites, and an entire sub folder devoted to coffee shops. We are starting the march through the list. There are three coffee shops that are less than two blocks away. We've been to those many times. Time to branch out and explore. 

Favorite coffee shops on the Eastern seaboard, from the days of being tech nomads:
Annapolis MD - City Dock Coffee
Deltaville VA - Cafe by the Bay
Norfolk VA - Ghent Starbucks
Wrightsville Beach NC - Cafe del Mar
Summerville NC - Coastal Coffee Roasters
St Marys GA - Blue Goose
Ortega JAX FL - Starbucks
St Augustine FL - Kookaburra
New Smyrna Beach FL - Hotties
Vero Beach FL - Cravings
Port Salerno FL - Sammies
Coconut Grove Miami FL - Starbucks

Many pastries and cups of tea and coffee to consume!