Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Living as I do, without a car, bikes are a big part life. I see people commuting, exercising and running errands on bikes every day. I love the looking at the variety of bikes and the people who ride them. Where I was living in a big city last month, there were big groups (~20) of fast riders in packs along a major bike route. Here, in a small coastal town, folks are meandering on colorful beach bikes up and down the waterfront road. I just saw one that is completely orange, tires and all.

I come from a bike riding family. The last ride I took with my maternal grandfather, he was in his early nineties. All four of my grandparents rode. My father still rides at 83. I've ridden a bike to work for many years. I've been bike camping on short weekend trips. I've been very lucky to have had a bike pretty much my entire life. My current ride is a cheap, heavy, folding bike, but it gets me around. I miss the classic Raleigh racer I had for 35 years, but it didn't fold into my current small storage space and it was hell on cobblestone streets.  

May is National Bike Month. Bike to Work Week will be May 12-16, with Bike to Work Day on May 16. If your bike is being neglected, lube it up and get out there. 

Here is an interesting campaign called United for Bikes for those of your civic-minded sorts, a joint effort between PeopleForBikes and World Bicycle Relief. 

And just for sheer fun, Momentum magazine is full of great style ideas for the daily commute. I do covet these rain capes. Because, once you realize how fun it is to ride every day, you're going to want to ride to work all the time.

Don't forget to get involved in improving our bike infrastructure. Find out what your town or city is doing to create safer biking. Start writing legislators. Join a bike organization. More bike lanes means more happy people riding.

the sixties called, they want their bike back...