Tuesday, April 15, 2014

a tiny writing project

One cannot write without reading. I read daily. Usually I have two books going at once, but in between those, I love to read on the internet. Generally, I read articles from twitter feeds and posts from bloggers. Some of my favorite favorite blogs I have actually subscribed to receive emails. 

Emails can easily become clutter. If not read and deleted regularly, subscriptions can become overwhelming. So, I'm pretty careful to not subscribe to too many and to read them regularly. If they start to get boring, I unsubscribe quickly. I like to keep my inbox below 10 messages.

These are my current favorites:

All this is just preamble to the start of a new, tiny writing project I started about 3 weeks ago. 

I have a significant person in my life who lives far from me. I can't give this person a hug as often as I would like. This person has some struggles and sometimes feels overwhelmed and unhappy. I thought about how much joy I get from reading my uplifting email subscriptions and decided I would start sending a short, positive email every day to my significant person. 

Tool set:
The reminder app on my smart phone. I created a daily reminder to send the email first thing in the morning. 

The drafts folder in my email application. As I think of ideas to send, I create the email, bcc myself and save it in the drafts folder. I keep the general category in the subject line, until I'm ready to send it. Then it just gets a number. That way I can peruse the subjects and pick one that appeals to me for that day, or choose one that will help with a specific challenge that person is facing.

The World Wide Web. It's fun to find sources and pictures to send. I have a great excuse to read!

Topics: art -- philosophical quotes -- pictures of restful places, flowers, sunsets -- funny (ok, I'll admit it) cat videos -- music videos -- exercises and yoga poses -- organizational tips -- health and nutrition -- general random upbeat articles

It's a good writing practice for me and hopefully it will give that person a little smile, an encouragement, a restful breath, a virtual hug.

A stop on one of my walks. I've never seen anyone sitting there, but it's inviting all the same.